Thursday, December 30, 2010

I just got ROBBED!

I thought my end of 2010 will be great like years before, but im wrong.
30th December 2010 is my bad & scariest day of my life.

Ok, the stories is like this...

After work I planned to watch Luth friendly match at Stadium Cheras.
After that game we planned to watch midnight movie, and luth asked me to buy a shirt and pants so that he can change after game. After work I went to Sogo to buy his stuff.
Then around 8pm I reach Stadium Cheras, where located just in front of HUKM.
I park my car in front of KFC and there's a lot of people. But then the thing happened so fast.
Just after I park the car, these rempit punch my car's window and took my bag.
He and his friend didnt wear so-called the helmet, so YES I DO RECOGNIZE HIS FACE.
But then I was still in shock and my head bleed, I cant recognize his motorcycle & the plat no.
Thank god my bb still in my hand, but my nokia is in my beg where I save all important number in it.
So I only have a few number, but no one pick up my calls.
I bbm-ing my RC's group and asked for help. They called me straightly.
But yet they took awhile cause they're from somewhere.
I drove to find nearest police station by myself, and menggigil like crazy.
I took 30 minutes to find the police station I still couldnt find, cause my mind is block by shock.
End up I stopped at these Carwash at Bandar Tasik Permaisuri and these group of boys help me.
They calm me down, I almost fainted. They called the policeman and clean up my car.
Police came and bring me to police station. Then UT and Apip came.
After I made the report they asked me to go to Balai Pudu to see their Pegawai,
The reason why is because if they catch these guys I can go for "kawat cam" cause I do remember their faces. UT bring me back and now Im still in shock. Their faces always in my mind.
I still can hear the glasses broken and all the incident.
YA ALLAH give me the strenght to be strong again.

To everyone who concerned, keep on msg-ing, tweet & called THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
To my brothers UT, APIP, YUZRAND, JAWER, WAK, BIBIR, JOE and the rest of RC's, I cant imagine I faced this situation alone, BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS!


And to both rempits, dunia ini bulat, what goes around comes around, KARMA will hit you worst than you hit my car's window and my life. ALLAH itu maha besar. And the sad-est part is, these guys are malay. And still young, their age I think around 18-21 years old.

I took it as a ujian dari-NYA. Maybe KARMA from my previous mistakes just hit me. Alhamdulillah im alive. Ini semua pengajaran, so to all my dear ladies please be extra careful, dont put your handbag in passenger's seat. Put it somewhere where no one can see.
Should I stay or go?

Should I keep it long or chop off?

Should I or shouldn't I?


You're the only one can answer all these questions.

Only you knows everything about me.

Only you and forever you.

You is one and last.

Please stay the way you are.

Please dont change.

You're the best guy I've ever met.

You know who you are.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Public Holiday

As I mention in previous entry there is no public holiday for our company tomorrow buttttt...... :) I just received this email from our Group HR Director, Dato' Norashikin ;

Dear all employees,

As all of you are aware, our Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib declared 31st December 2010 (tomorrow) as a public holiday for Malaysia in conjunction with Malaysia’s victory in AFF Suzuki Cup.

In view of the opening of the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan(TBS) on 1st January 2011 , we will not be able to observe 31st December 2010 as public holiday. As such, the Company has decided to substitute the public holiday with 3rd January 2011 (Monday).

The following table summarizes the working calendar :

Date (Day)

Maju Calendar

31st December 2010 (Friday)

Normal working day

3rd January 2011 (Monday)

Public Holiday

If you have any queries, please consult your respective HR Division.

We wish you Happy New Year and see you at the TBS on 1st January 2011.


Budak "kicik"

I heart you even more :*

Kalau masa AF7 I paling rapat dengan Kak Isma,
AF8 I rapat sangat dengan semua especially Farina & Budak kecik Adira.
Of course Adira the closest la sebab dia sampai final kan ;)
Dari awal I dah nampak budak kicik ni mempunyai bakat yang wow!
And I guess im not wrong, she proved to everyone.
Walaupun dalam bilik, dalam class & all the activities perangai dia macam budak budak but when it comes to performance she will act like a DIVA,
jangan salah sangka bukan diva macam bagus
but she looks professional.
She have the stage aura, and her voice sangatlah tinggi,
key paling tinggi just give it to her.
Budak kicik ni walaupun budak lagi but her attitude sangat bagus,
she's very independence & strong.
Susah nak nangis and tak pernah give up,
semua task yang diberikan she will take it positively.
She remind me of cartoon character & Japanese chicks. Know why?
sebab perangai dia ni sangatlah kelakar,
kalau korang tengok cerita Jepun yang ada watak perempuan yang comel comel tu,
haaa macam tu lah dia.
Pagi pagi nak pergi mandi sepanjang perjalanan tutup mata and sampai sink terus letak muka and konon konon tidur balik. Sumpah cartoon! Hehehe :D I miss you budak kicik!
Everytime I sedih she always there for me, teman me and
makan mee sedap & minum oldtown white coffee hazelnut sama sama EVERYSINGLEDAY ok! :))
Senang jaga budak kicik ni, kejut pagi senang bangun, positive thinker, kelakar & manja.
Everytime konsert penyingkiran, sebelum pergi dewan she will hug me and kiss me and pesan jangan menangis if she tersingkir :) but I know whe wont,
because she have a huge fan!
Even ramai judges like her voice.
3 months we've been through everything ups and down together,
and when on final day I did cried.
You know why, cause after this there's no more
Mee Sedap & Oldtown White Coffee session dah,
But budak kicik, I'm proud of you! Take care & I will always misses you.
Kak Seena janji when both of us free, Kak Seena bawak budak kicik
jalan jalan ok dengan Abg Luth :)
Nak tengok Abg Luth berlari lari tengah padang kan? One day ok!
Good Luck for Juara Lagu, jangan jerit banyak banyak jaga suara okeyh! *HUGSKISSES*

P/s : I akan blog pasal adik adik AF bila ada masa terluang ok! every each of them have their own unique style :) I miss them so so much!

Love, Kak Seena.

Congratulations young TIGERS!

Congratulations YOUNG TIGERS!
Eventhough I only knew a few players but yet
i'm so proud of y'all achievement!
Its our dream since ages, after many years now the CUP is ours!
Im so proud to be a Malaysian ;)
Malaysia Boleh!
Please maintain your performance boys,
this is the beginning of your journey.

And Thank You to our Prime Minister for giving us
Public Holiday tomorrow (Friday).
But there is no public holiday for my company - SAD!
Because of this particular Act - Act 60D, Employment Act.

And my love,
Felda United won friendly match vs kelantan 4-0, Congrats my dear.
And tonight he got friendly with Terengganu, Good Luck sayang!
I will skip my body combat class to watch you in action.
Its been awhile, after your long holiday now you're back in action.
Good Luck!

Love, Seena.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Happy diet! :)




Harimau Malaya!


Proud to be Malaysian, Haseena A Rahman.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Ok, I am F-ing pissed off right here right now!
Come on, this is so not me and I know I dont belong here.
But my experiences taught me a lot. I MEAN A LOT!
Can you list how many company you already work with? - tak boleh kan?
You know why? cause you dah selesa sangat dekat sini!
Ok I am still young but heyyy! I learned a lot from previous company ok!
And I do learned my mistakes before.

LISTEN! I asked the same freaking thing everyday,
and because of someone's shit you put the blame on me.
And when Im not around baru pandai pandai take action, F YOU!
Should I be in two different place to do YOUR work and MINE?
Tu la, kalau dah last minute buat kerja start la nak menunding satu jari kat orang lain,
lain empat jari kat mereka, mereka tak sedar ke? WAKE UP!
Im not here to deal with un-professional people and FYI I hate this situation.

Whatever, C-Na.
The day he gave me his heart & forever mine :)

Do you still remember this moment?

Do you still remember this picture?

Do you still remember the feeling we had?

Do you still remember the moment you put the first ring on my finger?

You still remember, don't you?

"Cause I do. And forever do."

Love, Your Future ;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

HoHoHoHoliday ;)

I had so much FUN this weekend ;)
Theres nothing much to say, it was last minute plan yet everything went smoothly.

On Saturday I had a really bad PMS day, with EVERYTHING especially work.
So Luth decided to bring me to somewhere to cheer me up.
Friday night he said he wanted to bring me to PD,
The Legend International Water Homes.
It was last minute so when we called for make a reservation
they said the place is fully booked ;( I really want to go there,
the place is quite nice and every room have a private swimming pool. cool meh!
Tungguuuuu! very soon we will book the place for us,
or maybe for our pre-wed photog :)
Of course not just us, we plan to invite Wan & Boii to join us.
Since the plan to PD canceled I plan just to go to Ikea to get my fav swedish meatballs ;)
And on Saturday morning - NOT! HAHA!
Luth's morning is actually 12pm, he said lets go to Sungai Gabai!
Since I pun tak pernah pergi Sg Gabai so OK LETS GO!
FYI, Im not a big fan for bermandi mandi di sungai.
I sedikit takut mandi dekat sungai sungai ni, I prefer pergi pulau dari sungai sungai ni.
But since I was born theres a few sungai I dah pernah pergi termasuk
Gunung Ledang, Sg Congkak & Sg Tekala ;)
Luth terus plan with Wan & Boii, they ON with the plan. Hee Im so excited!
We had our lunch at Ikea first and I bought 1 dozen Ikea curry puff for our picnic.


SEDAP! Enuff said ;)

Ikea Curry Puff

Not a big fan lah konon kannnn! sampai sana macam dah naik syeikhh lah pulakkkk!
Ada batu batu yang boleh jadi slides ala ala dekat Sunway Lagoon, jakun kejap!
Luth, Wan & Boii dah macam macam aksi dah, most of the time I snap their picca.
I had soooo much fun, like seriously I never thought I can having fun like this way :D
We mandi and play the slides until almost maghrib, and masa tu dah hujan lebat,
We clean up, solat and dinner dekat area area situ jugak.
Wan & Boii nak balik terus after that but me & Luth straight go to Alamanda to watch movies.

Loving you is my full time job ;)

Boii, Me & Wan

Luth Love

Me in action



Luth with the kids. HAHA!

Kanak kanak riang :D

Plan was to do a movie marathon, tapi movie time semua clash so tak jadi,
we watched Meet the parents little fockers, this movie is SO FUNNAYH! Hee :D
But you must watch the previous fockers movies before watch this one, the 3rd.
Watching movie is so unplanned, we didnt bring our sweater, shaitss!
dah la movie kat alamanda sejuk!
and I wear short and shirt yang agak nipis.
Luckily ada satuuu je kedai yang baru tutup half door - Giordano.
HAHAHA! and luckily this shop ada jual sweater,
me bought a green sweater and a baby-T,
Luth bought a purple sweater. Its help us a lot! HAHA!

Wassup y'all?!

Love, C-na

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sticky, traditional hand-made yummy!

Today I getttttt first Christmas gift from Mr Calvin, one of my supplier ;)
These traditional hand-made sticky candy are sooooo yummayh! like very yummy ok!
I pernah rasa once dekat OU few months back,
What I like about these candy is the cute design at the center of it,
and if im not mistaken we can actually ask for our own design.
And to those who wants to give their loves one as a gift is a good idea.
I think I want to order for my wedding gift, and my name & Luth on top of it!
Ngee ;D Cute!
Thank you Calvin, and Merry Christmas to you! HO! HO! HO!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Touch Of Red Year End Party 2010"

Before I start this entry, I would love to say BABY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH &
I just cant imagine my life without you now ;) Thank you for walk into my heart and please do permanently stay!
I need you and only you! Dont worry I wont be naughty when you're not around
cause only you in moi heart ;)
Ok, mood jiwang kejap! but yeah just nak express my feeling towards him. Ngeee :D

Back to the topic, last night is Maju Year End Party, and the theme is Touch Of Red.
As I mention in previous entry I chose to wear a RED dress and RED pumps shoe ;)
The party went very well, everyone had so much fun eating, dancing, snapping picca (moi fav)
And everyone did respect the theme, everyone look REDDDDD! so pretty.
I didnt prepared anything for this event, the hair-do and make up i did it myself.
Malas nak pergi saloon and rasa membazir pulak bila I boleh buat sendirikan,
Since I can do it myself, bila dah siap I bukaklah saloon kat Level 26 ni :)
So that my colleague look pretty too!
Yes the main reason why I attend the party is to support every Maju's event &
of course for snapping picca.
What to do, besides shopping I loves photography. Hee :D My baby Nikon!
So yeah, enjoy the pictures ok!

Banyakkan pictures, tapi ini baru suku. Theres more in my pc and will upload it in my FB soon!

Kisses, Haseena ;)