Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maju Bowling Tournament

I skip my wedding post since I haven't get my pictures yet.
Basically after married my daily activities is almost the same, nothing change.
Work with lots of events and drama.
So last night after work I went to Brem Mall, Kepong for Maju Bowling Tournament.
Yup for those who know me very well, I dont play bowling okay.
I never like play bowling, and im not interested at all.
Luth bring me once back then, and the score I get for 1 game is 39 :)
Saya tau, tolonglah gelak. But I dont care! HAHA!
And knowing me, I will selamber just involved with any activities, 
tak kisah I terror ke or ke longkang ke mak on jer, buat buat bising terrorlah.
Since yesterday I was so busy go here and there with Joanne (manager) for our Maju Uni launching,
My team which include Helmy, Izwan, Aizat & Lydia went to Sogo and bought PINK t-shirt for our team.
SUMPAH CUTE! When I saw that t-shirt I am so excited to put a logo & name,
So we went to Pertama and the outcome is so comel please :D
Our motto is "kalah dengan bergaya"

We need to complete 3 games, 1st game I scored 66, 2nd game 54 and the last game jeng jeng jeng I scored 81! HAHAHA :) its a big improvement from 39 to 81, okay lah tu kan?
Tapi pasal the organizer buat on working days, habis lambat semua orang dah tak semangat.
I tak tunggu closing ceremony pun, just habis je the last game I terus balik and sampai rumah around 1am.
Sebab memang dah tau kan kalah, tapi menang bergaya. Ngee :D
But yeah, we had fun that night! And im looking forward for more activities like this.


Seena :)

Monday, May 30, 2011


Im so proud to mention the best MAID of HONOR in this world goes to.......



Before my big day, Nad will always stick with me,
Anywhere I go she will be there too :)
She slept at my place after my akad nikah, cause Luth still cant stay at my place before the reception.
So yeah, we had a lot of fun, it remind me back to the highschool time.

The day before akad, which is the same day I went for my SPA session,
at night nad bring over her neighbour who can do henna for me.
And they do it till late morning, 130am. Kesian Nad, she have to wait until everything is finish.
(I will write a post about my henna design very soon)
So yeah basically she were there for me 24 hours a day :)

Oh! Even after bergelar isteri also she is there for me, everyday!
HAHAHA! why? cause my hubby is not around after my reception, he away for a week.
Kesiankan I, lepas kahwin dah kena tinggal, tu la siapa suruh kahwin dengan footballer.
HEEE :D but its okay, I understand sayang!
Back to my dear girlfie story, pendekkan cerita we all tetap sama lah.
Ramai orang cakap after kahwin mesti dah jarang lepak, jarang jumpa but not us.
Kalau tak breakfast, we go for lunch or dinner or shopping or whatever whateverrr.

And last Saturday before Luth's side on Sunday, Nad teman me settle up everything for luth's side.
Then we went to Pavi for lunch at Spice of India & shopping, andddddd karaoke :)
yessss only both of us, sumpah best sangat!
We were like do our own concert, funny!

Thank you bestie for every-single-thing you did for me.
And hope our friendship will last forever.
2003 & still count-ing!
Love you too bits!

Love you always, Haseena


Too much things to do in so little time.
I thought I have no time to get the SPA session, but my hubby surprised me just a day before our big day.
We both are extremely busy with preparations & career.
He already booked a SPA which I have no idea where is it, and the name itself.
He just randomly called & booked.
I can see you work really hard to make me happy & feel fresh for our big day.

At 10am on Friday, just after he reach KL he took me and straight to Kajang.
We had a lil trouble to find the place, after few phone calls then we found the place and it is not like how we imagine. FYI! Me & Luth are very choosy about all these place thingy.
Tak kisahlah vacation ke, nak makan ke, photoshoot ke, we will make sure the place is nice & comfortable.
Bukan apa im afraid the result turn to nightmare. Menangis air mata darah nanti time nak nikah. HAHA!

Its already 12pm and we have no idea which SPA to go cause we didnt do any reservation cause Luth is so confidence with the SPA he booked. HAHA seriously funny.
End up we went to The Garden, Mid Valley cause there have few SPA that we can just walk in.
We chose "Le Sense by Slimming Sanctuary".
We took pre wedd package & its couple room.
Its high recommended place, I really loves the services.
So yeah after almost 4 hours session, we feel fresh & pretty!!
Pretty ke?


Le Sense by Slimming Sanctuary, Lot FF-230, 5th Floor The Garden, MV 03-2284 6161

Terima Kasih LOVES

Dikala peminat peminat bola sibuk bercerita tentang pertunangan national player,
khairul fahmi & miss elia.
Saya and the only footballer in my heart, mohd lot abu hassan
telah selamat di-ijab kabulkan dengan hanya sekali lafaz :)

Kalau elia membuat tema ala ala arab, we all takdelah nak sampai ke arab :)))
Just after luth's side, we all decided to go to the stadium for outdoor photoshoot.
We had a really great time cause my sporting photographer &
my beloved friends are super crazy!!
Selama ni tengok luth dekat tengah tengah padang je, but that day we all semua dpt lari & melompat tengah padang tu, siap buat video nyanyi lagu negaraku lagi u'ols :))

Just after i receive my big day's pictures from my official photographer,
I will tell you guys more details about my big day ya!!
Tapi kalau nak dirumus secara ringkas apa perasaan selepas
bergelar isteri kepada mohd lot abu hassan,
I am extremely happy & tenang.

Thank you so much to both my parents, without you guys I wont be here and get this happiness.
My siblings who always there and work really hard for my day. Love you guys too bits!
My mom's side who support me all the way, and understand me.
My beloved friends, even now im someone's wife,
you guys remain my brothers & sisters forever.
To those who came, for the wishes, the pressie, the support,
Hanya Allah dapat membalas semua jasa you all.

And my dear lovely hubby, thank you sayang.
For the happiness you gave me :)
My only tiger!

Love, Seena.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now im officially Luth's wife ;)

Will update more about my big day later.

Love, Mrs.Luth <33

Monday, May 9, 2011

The rainbow is coming to me



I am so blessed being around with great ladies.
Since highschool until now we remains friends.
Boyfriends come and go but US still together.
Like I said, even I am getting married soon but I still need them in my everyday life.
Cause them knows me well.
They always there in any condition I face, ups & down, laugh & cry, happy & sad.

Last Saturday my Subang's girlfriends organized my hen's night at The Hills, Damansara Height.
It actually a surprise party for me, but they have to tell me earlier cause this past few weeks I am so busy with the preparations so they need to booked me first. 
Macam artis pulakkan :))
But I thought it only a fine dinner with no deco and activities but there come the surprise.
The place was awesome, and they deco the place with dark pink and soft pink gas ballon.
We had our dinner before we play the truth or dare game followed by sweet massages by each of them and yes they make me cried that night.
I am so happy having a bunch of girlfriends like them.
There is so many things I want to put it in here but I have no time to write now.
Even the original pictures all in my laptop,
so now I just print screen from my bb first okay.
Then i'll put the original later when I have the time ;)

* sorry for the bad quality, later when free i'll change it to the original one.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tadi saya terjatuh.
Saya menangis.
Saya sedih.
Takut tak dapat bangun.
Tak dapat bangkit sendiri.
Tapi saya tahu ramai yang memerlukan saya.
Yang sentiasa menyokong saya.
Yang memerlukan saya.
Saya kena kuat.
Tak boleh lemah.

Terima Kasih semua.
Sebab sentiasa dengan saya.
Waktu di bawah dan di atas.
Saya tahu semua ini ujian.
Yang akan membawa saya ke arah kebahagiaan.
Tunggu okay Seena.

15 hari sahaja lagi ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another 16 DAYS to go 
can dancing dancing in the room rain ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011