Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dah lama tak update.
2 minggu ni saya tak happy.
Saya sakit kerana seseorang.
Maybe KARMA from my previous mistakes just hit me.

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah umatmu untuk tempuh semua ujian ini :(

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Because he loves the quality of the camera, He change his C7 to N8 like mine :)
And because I like the green one, he give me the green and he take my N8 Silver.

Thank You Sayang for being such an awesome men I've ever met!
There is no one in the whole wide world can ever replace you.
I love you more than you do, and I appreciate everysingle moment with you.
I can't wait for the "Big Day" and grow old with you.
Stay great and kacak baby!


Sekiranya aku memang diciptakan menjadi pasangan-nya, tolong berikanku petunjuk.


Haseena A Rahman

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Homaigosh. I super-like the way he pujuk me :) :) :)
So yeah, we had a small fight about nothing pun, it just me yang mengada.
I admit that I am super manja with him and need his attention all the time.
Im sorry baby, just need you and you and you and only you every second i have.
Promise i'll be better and less-mengada k sayang.
So he bought me thissssssssssssssssss

Nokia N8

Yes I have this in my handbag now! HAHAHA :D Silver baby!
He thought just nak upgrade my Curve White to Bold 2 White, but he thinks that both are the same,
the different is just the Bold 2 have flash for the camera and of course the design. LOL!
So he said better he change my second phone, and tadaaaa - more than I expected!
Not only me change second phone, he also change his second phone from HTC Touch Pro2 to Nokia C7.
He said he need simple phone as long as the phone can video call :) so he can still see me even we're far.

Nokia C7


P/s : Love you indeed sayang. Cant wait for this Saturday to set the date! :)

Sayang Luth, Seena.



Monday, October 18, 2010


Seriously I HATE MONDAY indeed! so malas nak pergi kerja.
Traffic jammed lagi, nak mengadap orang yang stress kena kerja monday lagi.
Releks la, kau tak bayar hutang tapi nak barang cepat. Kecoh please.
You pay first then I release barang yang you nak. *pfft*
Sumpah stress ngn orang yang konon konon professional tapi hampeh.

Anyways, taknak marah marah cna, cool down. breath in breath out. *fuuuhhh*
I had a great weekend again, I just in love with weekend :)
Friday night went to Changkat with Luth's & friends,
Saturday night Hilton PJ and Sunday Gym at TLS Fitness Centre.
And today my whole body sakit sakit coz the instructor just push me too hard yesterday.
Nyawa nyawa ikan dah, dah lama tak exercise katakan.

Love, Seena.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm starting to like this place :)
The environment and the people. Even I have plenty of work but its ok.
I do had fun working here. Yang tak suka cuma traffic jammed jer.

Here is the people that I have to face everyday ;))

Mai Photostat Machine's Bestfriend
Lydia love seena tak?
Boss Arab
Boss Photostat Machine a.k.a jiranku

So yeah, Itulah orang orang yang saya mengadap tiap tiap hari.

Andddd I am so HAPPY today! More ka-ching coming in, can pay all my suppliers already :)
Less than a month I collect almost half of the amount. cool-ness!
InsyaAllah more ka-ching coming in next week. can smile sampai telinga :D

PelukCium, Haseena

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tepuk Tepuk Tepuk MAJU!

HAHAHA! :D Yesterday I cleaned up my workplace and today it look so clean & shine-ing.
Love it indeed! Semangat sikit nak kerja, arranged all the files and thanks to my officemate for helping me :)
And yesterday I met Syazwani Alias for the very first time, we had lunch together at Secret Recipe, Sogo.
We had a long talk until i didnt realize my lunch time is already over. Hee :D
I had fun and happy knowing you babe! Such a pretty and friendly gal.
Lepas ni tak dapat nak lunch together lagi cause next week will be your last week as practical student at KWSP.
Kesian dia kena marah dengan boss sampai balik Batu Pahat, HAHAHA :D that is real world sister!
And yesterday after work me, Safid, Azizul and Helmi had Char Keow Teow kow punye dekat belakang Istana Budaya :) Safid said the place served the best Char Keow Teow and kalau nak bayar kena tunggu kakak baldi yang kira, orang lain tak boleh tetapi.....kakak baldi dah ada pengganti = abang baldi lah sudah tukar!LOL.
We lepak until 9 something chit chat, gelak gelak even im the only girl. So what?! My fiancee tahu k! ;p
Talking about fiancee yesterday he went to Melaka with his friends from petang until pagi.
And he said this Friday pun kena pergi sana lagi, aish ada girl lain ke dekat sana?? ;l
Hehehe, I know you love me and only me kan baby kannnnn :D
Today after work we go dinner k sayang, see you after work then! *kisses*

xo, Seyna

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stay Strong

Since 2003 and still count-ing

To my dear bestie Siti Nadirah Nasir.
Stay Strong gf, this is life, people come and go.
So do relationship, even how much u loves that person if tak ada jodoh we just have to face the fact.
Im glad that finally u've made your mind, its for your own happiness.
InsyaAllah u'll find someone soon and who can really understand you.
I will always stay here and be besides you in any condition.

xoxo, Seena

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Its a nice date to do a memorable day with family and partner.
Well, the date not treat me well, yesterday was a bad day for me.
I got AF Reunion at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil last night, and im dying to go.
I misses them so soooo much, and of course the teachers and the crew too.
Principle Norman called me personally and asked me to come but..... :(
I'm sorry, its not that i want to leave the entertainment world forever, but it always have clash occasion.
I will make it up with you guys some other day ok :) its a promise!

So yeah the reason why I can't make it to AF Reunion is because of STUPID Motor GP!!
Seriously went there its really not worth it. My Fiancee paid RM102 per-ticket and it is only less than 1 hour race. pfft. Seriously im not interested to go at all, if F1 boleh laaaa.
But there's motorbike that I think I would love to ride if i have the chance. Heee :D
Cool jugak tengok all the bikers and their partner, different world and fashion. Serious smart please!
And here is the worst part of this event = JAMMED!
I hate jammed indeed! dah la weekdays pergi and balik kerja jamm, ni weekend pun stuck jammed!
I stuck more than 2 hours, serious tekanan jiwa. pfft. terus x sempat nak pergi AF Reunion.
Bencikkkkkk! Motor GP just ruining my plan. grrrrrrrrr :((
And had a sweet fight with sayangku, nak manja2 konon. He pujuk until almost 11pm and bring me makan.
Thank you baby for being so understanding and sabar dengan perangai me :)
I know you love me so much and I do love you more than you do.

Hope this week treat me well than last week. Stay Positive and Stay Pweety! :)


Peluk, Haseena A Rahman.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Misses You Badly

Lately its hard for us to see each other.
Im sorry I have less time for you.
Im sorry for not being with you when you need me the most.
Since I work here, Ive been so busy and when i get home i will go straight to the bed.
I missed your big game, Im sorry :(
Whatever happen, I will always sayang you and be by your side in any condition you're facing.
I will make it up to you k sayang, Im yours this weekend. Free all the wayyy *yeay*
I'll come to watch your last game this Saturday cause I am your No 1 cheerleader :)
Remember, just stay the way you are sayang, If "that guy" not appreciate your existing its ok,
Because he just blind and unprofessional. I'm sure others can see what he couldn't see.
See you tomorrow after work and I will cheer you up k love.

Haseena A Rahman