Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sitting Makes Us FAT

Do you know that SITTING EXPENDS ALMOST NO ENERGY. Obese people sit for 2.5 hours per day than thin people. Effects of sitting aren't just long term, though. Your body goes into meltdown THE MOMENT YOU SIT DOWN.

Between 1980 and 2000 ;

• Exercise rates stayed the same
• Sitting time increases 8%
• Obesity doubled

% Energy increase above sitting :

Standing : 10%
Chewing gum : 15%
Walking : 150%
Climbing Stairs : 220%

How sitting WRECKS your body?

As soon as you sit ;
• Electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off.
•calorie burning drops to 1 per minute.
• Enzymes that help break down fat drop 90%.

After 2 hours ;
• Good cholesterol drops 20%.

After 24 hours ;
• Insulin effectiveness drops 24% and risk of diabetes rises.


No wonder all this while when I work at ASTRO my body remains slim and never put on weight so much like now. Luckily I have a husband who knows about exercises and diet. Now everyday after work he push me to climbing stairs up to 24 level and do few sets of exercises. Pheww its really pain, but it is really worth it. Luth said I can lose weight in 2 weeks if I really serious and discipline with this routine ;) good luck to me!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've read this info from Blog Serius
"Tahukah anda sekiranya rakan wanita, bini, tunang, skandal, teman tapi mesra atau fuck buddy anda menerima 1200 mg Kalsium sehari selama 3 bulan mereka akan menjadi kurang emosi ketika PMS? Segelas susu mengandungi 300 mg Kalsium. Maka berilah mereka 4 gelas susu sehari untuk mengurangkan rage dan gadoh ketika PMS."

I've been struggling about this PMS thingy since ages.
I am so sorry for people who are around me everytime I had this annoying sickness.
Especially to my beloved hubby, I'm sorry love, sometimes I just couldn't stop myself being a crazy person.
So here I've got the solution ;) it's a good one! Since I loveeeeeeee MILK so much!
Yeah I tend to drink milk one big bottle a day, BIG BOTTLE yeah people.
But Luth asked me to stop for a while since I put on weight. Serious weyh, I'm fat now! *pfft*
But as for me, milk doesn't' cause fat at all. I've been drinking milk since back then but my weight remains.
Maybe after got married, "hati sudah senang" pasal tu senang naik badan kot.
Whatever it is, now Luth being a very fussy coach.
InsyaAllah,  my weight gonna be normal in couple of months.
So back to PMS and MILK, yeay for me! I love the solution and to my dear hubby,
Kalau nak kehidupan kita ceria ketika saya menghadapi masalah PMS carilah susu yer!
No wonder dulu dulu kalau PMS less-annoying, hehehehehe :)))

source : got milk?

source : got milk?

source : got milk?

source : got milk?

Lazy Monday

Can I just stay at home with these people?

Pretty please!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Benjymin Arab

Yeay! Im a happy old man ;)
July 9, 1983 this guy was born.
He such a lovely friend, happy-go-lucky guy, funny, bla bla bla.
Just call him ARAB!

So since we cannot celebrate his birthday in KL last weekend,
We decided to do it around Bangi and Putrajaya.
And as usual, we had fun.
I am so blessed being around with such a lovelies people.
And Alhamdulillah, Arab the birthday boy having fun too, even just Alamanda ;)

But we fulfill his needs 2 days in a row okay.
Saturday & Sunday.
On Saturday we all having tutti frutti in the evening, playing wii at my house, johnys for dinner & we end the session with karaoke. FYI! Even we dont have a good vocal, but we love karaoke.
Well singing & dancing make us fly high ;)

Okay here come the surprise, this one he have no idea about what we've planned.
Nad told him that she and Kak Mai nak belanja him birthday dinner.
But he didnt know all of us were there too, of course we all dah ready kat sana.
We just do it at Garden, Alamanda. Sebab still takut nak masuk KL.
Arab cant smell our plan at all, yeay!
The moment he enter the restaurant, the piano guy play birthday song & the manager bring the cake.
We had a wonderful dinner with beautiful people.


"I am so blessed I have bunch of friends like them, 
my 2nd family"

Love, C-na

Maju Idol

Silent for a week and now I am back people!
There is lot of things happened, this that bla bla na na...
Last Tuesday Luth admitted again at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital.
Even it just a simple/minor thingy, but he still need to admitted for a day.
But as everyone knows about Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, this hospital such a SELFISH hospital.
I hate their senior nurse like indeed!
But the doctor I have no complained on them, cause they did well.
The day Luth did the minor operation, the doctor said he can discharge tomorrow morning,
and Luth must discharge in the morning cause he has many things to do,
plus on the night itself he needs to attend my company event, Maju Idol.
But guess what?
Until 6 freaking PM no news from doctor, and the nurses only said "doktor ada operation lah dik"
Habis tu pagi pagi takkan doctor tak buat rounding??????
Then dah lama sangat he hanging, and dah penat asking the same question,
He himself went down to doctor's clinic,
and know what doctor said, "laaaa kenapa nurse tak hantar document suruh saya sign?"
See, nurse tak buat kerja! apa? kalau nak claim extra insurance pun dont la let their
patience kena darah tinggi pulak. Big head with no brain!
And and and know what 730PM Luth masih tak dapat settlekan payment cause tak dapat reply from insurance,
so end up he just left and siap siap ikut I pergi Maju Idol.
Nak claim he runaway from hospital??? memang nak kena maki lah kannnnnnn.

So yeah we reach at the venue around 830PM, and we do enjoyed the show.
Even no one from our department make it until final, we went just for support our beloved manager :)
3rd place Maju Idol last year, and our favorite MC this year ;)
For this year Maju Idol, I only remember 1st place, Kak Zaleha.
She won RM10,000 + RM1000 = RM11,000!
RM1000 tu semua finalist dapat okehhh! banyakkannnnnnnn.
2nd place and 3rd place pun lumayannnn jugakk :D
Oh I forgot to mention the theme for that night, its Glamorous & Bling Bling y'all!
Lepas habis Maju Idol around 1230am baru lah we both pergi hospital to settle everything,
and barulah semua nurse tu nak layan baik baik sebab dah kena marah dengan I thru phone.
So means he discharge from hospital around 1.25am. ridiculous kannnnn!
Its okay, tak simpan dalam hati pun, past is past,
now enjoy the show! ;)

Love, Haseena