Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Women Last Day & Her Farewell

Last Friday is last day syu working in "M" company.
So we did a lil farewell dinner for her at Ben's Pavilion.
She never expected we did a farewell for her and I came because I was on leave on that day.
And he cried a bucket at KEEK because she didn't have the chance to meet me on her last day.
Such a drama queen padahal her new office only at Damansara, few minutes from this company kalau tak jamm. Hahaha but yeah sedihlah kan 
after almost 3 years working together through ups and down,
perangai sama, gila gila, and now she left of course terasa a bit but 
for her career development good for her lah :)
So Good Luck my dear women at your new place.

Bring my lil family for sure at the farewell dinner :)

Ok then, BYE!