Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sad Good Bye but Happy

Setiap tahun adalah permulaan yang baru buat kami sekeluarga.
Being a footballer’s wife, I chose to stay in KL for the sack of not leaving my job.
Everything is money now, I got a lot of commitment. Like A LOT A LOT.
So this year 2014, my husband decided to attached with Sarawak FA.
Basically this whole year we had a Long Distance Relationship which is it’s really hard for me to adapt.
Lagi pulak bila ada small baby yang kadang kadang tu tiba tiba demam tiba tiba itu ini.
Everyday is standby for emergency day for me tak kisah siang atau malam.
But Alhamdulillah, we manage to put everything in control.

I love Sarawak FA. I love the managements and also the fans.We are like family.
For the past few years, I never get so closed with the wives and girlfriends but different this year,
they are like my sisters who always there when I’m around Kuching.

Season is over, and people come and go. And of course my husband had to leave Sarawak for being with us in KL. Kanda needs him. I need him around to complete our family.
So this morning, one of the wife whatsapp me and express how sad she is when my husband told everyone that he had to leave them to be with his family back in KL. She’s originally from KL but moved there to be with his husband and I know how she feel when everyone who closed with her leaving her alone, “tempat mengadu”. Heartbroken, indeed. How I wish I could heal your pain but then again, good bye is the hardest things to do.

To my dear sister, I know you won’t read this because I never tell anyone about my blog.
We as a muslim we have the strongest weapon, iaitu DOA. Keep strong baby girl and keep on pray.
I know is easy for me to say, but this is life. Life is unfair yet so colorful.
Once you manage to cross the bridge, you can easily breathe and trust me you became strongest woman I’ve ever known. Take care darling.

And welcome home housemate, setahun kami menunggu!

The Cheerleaders

Monday, September 29, 2014

Supir or Driver in Bali

Sorry you all, I memang dah lama tak bukak my blog but then Thank You so much for your reading dear silent reader. Ok ramai yang tanya pasal supir saya di Bali and yes I still keep in touch with him. He such a great man and also he have a beautiful wife and lovely kids.
Here is his handphone no. +62 8776 0387 567 and you can personally find him on his FB Krisna Tresno Bali Tour. Highly recommended!
Have a great day!


It's been almost a year or more I've been on hiatus mode.
I really don't have time to blog now even I have tons of story to tell.
Throughout the years I've kept everything to myself, I forgot I have this "friend" to express my emotions.
Life is not dificult actually, it just being more colorful than before, tougher than I could imagine.

Grateful in any condition & situations.
Alhamdulillah I still can breath with a good health and surrounded with such a lovable people.

What is wrong lately?
For the past 3 years?
Where is the dreamt I have dream since I was 12?
Ahh it just a normal disney dreams that everyone had. Bluergh takdir tidak boleh ditepis wahai manusia.

Depression it is now.

But you my son is saya punya ubat, sampai bila bila untuk saya.

I love you.

Thank you. *smiling*

My Forever Date