Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Contest Baby Ceria by

Kanda Qalish very first baby contest. Just suka suka try out from this awesome Kakak's blogspot is Kanda Qalish CERIA PICTURE!

 mari membeli barang baby dengan harga borong,minimum 1barang di blog"

 Baby's Name : Kanda Qalish bin Mohd Lot
Mother's Name : Haseena A Rahman

Hadiah memang best and the best part is IF you win, you can choose which gift you want.
 Here are the awesome GIFTS if your baby won this contest ;

1.rocker fishes price newborn to todder(biru).

2. Trunki bag (pink,merah,purple,kuning,biru)

3. Ergo carrier (hitam,pink,grey,hijau,biru) storage(pooh,cars,princess)

5.playmat mothercare(pink, lion)

6.toilet train toddler

7.elc purple with hanging toys

 IF my Kanda won this contest, he would loveeeees to choose...

What are you waiting for? Submit your baby's picture.
I'm sure you got tons of your cute baby picture kannnnn..!!


Things Different When Two Became Three

Got a lot of things different when we got Kanda.
For example, there's no more "dating" in our dictionary or watching movies every weekend as our hobby.
No no no no more. Hehe but it's okay, his existing makes our life beyond colorful.

Dulu masa couple, kahwin belum ada anak I and Luth selalu perhatikan family yang ada anak kecik waktu they all had their meal. Kena take turn, ayah makan dulu then baru ibu makan.
Yep, its a good way for all parents, so that one of them tak boleh lepas tangan.
Kanda pulak dia jenis tak berapa suka orang pegang, he loves to be free.
Macam duduk main dalam stroller ke, duduk kat baby chair ke, he enjoyed that rather than we pegang dia.

All my friends yang belum ada baby keep asking macam mana u handle Kanda kat rumah,
FYI Kanda is a very healthy active baby boy, tak reti duduk diam.
I duduk rumah sendiri, I tak duduk rumah my parents so yeah I handle him all by myself if dekat rumah.
So here I put one of his picture during dinner, this is how our dinner time look like everyday :)
We let him seat at Bumbo baby seat so that he dont feel like left out.
Kenapa tak dudukkan dekat baby chair?
Sebab Kanda akan ke kiri ke kanan nak keluar from that chair.
Bumbo baby seat ni dia susah sikit nak lepaskan diri so yeah and we can put him veryyyy close to us.
Hehehehe :) Cute kan like this?
I love my family, like very much!
What I have done to have these special people/gift from yang ESA????
Alhamdulillah. I cant stop bersyukur, HE gave me everything I need.
Alhamdulillah :)

Ok then, Bye!

Self Reminder To All My Beloved Readers

Eight Months Old

He grew up handsomely :)

Ibu's Little Rockstar!

 When's the sun's not shining, you'll be my sun.

Thank you for light up Ibu's daily life.
Thank you for gave Ibu strenght to live in this world.
Thank you for make Ibu and Ayah relationship stronger.
Thank you for makes Ibu appreciated more and thankful to have both nenek and datuk who treat Ibu so well.
Thank you sayang for came into this world.
Thank you for makes me loves ALLAH S.W.T more than you can imagine.

Your smile is the best medicine.

Yesterday, 25062013 you turn 8 months old.
Time flies too fast!
I hate when I say this, "Kanda, dont grow up too fast!"
It's only fantasy, but reality is you're growing up handsomely!

May Allah bless you always & forever Imam Muda Ibu.

Love always,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A GIFT from yang ESA - 25th Oct 2012

I Got A New Buddy While Watching Hubby Playing Football

Its been years since I've met Luth I go to stadium or padang training all alone or sometimes with friends.
Since I got pregnant plus all time preggy sickness I quit from watching him playing football.
Hurm, actually I never like football I just support him coz he is my husband that's all!
Ngee :) forgive me sayang but he understand me, so yeah I could say,
It's a win win situation. He understand my career I understand his career.

So now, yesterday Luth got evening training but he insist to bring me and Kanda to Pyramid.
At first I said no to his invitation due to bad haze but kesian pulak dah lama tak spend time together.
So after we went to Pyramid we go straight to padang PKNS for his training session.
Even bad haze pun dia tetap ada training, kesian.

But now Im not alone macam dulu, the coolness of my eyes joining me :)
We were only stay in the car but after a while he started cranky and insist to go out.
So I bring him near padang to watch his daddy lari lari tendang bola sekejap.
Only a few minutes, but he enjoyed it much! Smile, and giggling all the way.
Now I can see Luth in him, he loves football same as his father.

Maybe bila dia dah besar sikit I might bring him watching his ayah's match.
Mesti dia lagi excited unlike his Ibu ;p
So yeah, I had a quality weekend with the loves one.
How bout you all? I hope you had the same as well.
Looking forward for more enjoyable weekend!

Forgive me for the bad photo quality, taken via front camera so yeah it is a bit blurry but I love it!
Kanda got swag while waiting for his ayah! suppp y'all!

Me and my superKanda ;)

Ok then, see you in next entry Inshaa Allah :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rezeki Kanda Qalish

I might say Allah S.W.T beri rezeki ini untuk keselesaan Kanda Qalish.
I am the type of person who spend more to assets rather than spend on something I cant use in the future.
At my age of 25 me and my husband already bought a landed house in Bangi area.
Alhamdulillah, when we bought that house the price of that double story house is 320k,
and now it increasing above 500k. That's why I love spend on assets rather than shopping on something I didnt use for future or not reliable for Kanda.
I think twice to upgrade my car, since my husband also own a car.
But as for me, why not huh, people changed, things changed, so I must go forward.

Inshaa Allah now I am planning to starting a business.
Just a small one, since I have a small budget :)
Bak kata orang, pelan pelan kayuh, Inshaa Allah kalau kita berusaha Allah akan tolong.
My KPI for this business is to start early next year, Inshaa Allah.
Doakan saya okay!
But I still gonna stick with my current carrier which I still need stick monthly income. Ngee :)

All I do is to get the best of everything for my son.
You only can feel how I feel when you own a son or a daughter.
Ok then, Have a great weekend lovelies!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Being A Ibu

This is what I dream of since little girl and yeah Alhamdulillah I got it now

My Strength, the person who keep me strong and I wont give up to be success just for this lil men.

The heartbreaker of mine, Kanda Qalish

When I am getting married, I've planned a year to get pregnant so that I can be ready mentally and also physically. Being a mom wasn't easy as ABC as you thought.
The moment the baby come out from your womb then you will cried like a crazy monkey thinking about your sins to your parents. Trust me, you'll appreciated them more once you become like them, a parents.

A little baby will ;
1) Woke up every half an hour bugging for milk especially at night.
2) They will crying like there is no tomorrow just to asked us to change their dyper.
3) They can't wait even a second to get their mama's milk or they will make a rock concert!
4) 1 day 5 times changing clothes because they like to puke quite a lot.
5) 1-3 months old baby lovessssss poo-poo so yeah that's my hobby on that period.

Trust me for the 1st couple of month you'll be like a zombie kampung pisang nak mandi nak wiewie nak poo-poo also susah tau! They want to be with their mommies more than 24/7! fuhhhh!
But apart of all all all kepayahan ketidaktiduran kekejutan...

I am happy being a mother.
Especially to a mother to this cheeky boy, Kanda Qalish.
This coming 25th June he turn 8 months old.
How times flies huh, sobs sobs sobs.
Why you grow up sooooooo fastttt? Ibu miss the baby u now :((((((
hehehe but now dia dah makin pandai.
Of course dah kenal orang, he will took few minutes to be ok with the strangers then dah boleh riang ria gelak ketawa. He just like me! Memang sama. Ngee :D

Anyway, Im a working mom, so mmg penatlahkan.
Bangun pukul 4am, bla bla bla balik pukul 8pm ambik kanda main dengan dia then tidur.
The same thing happen everyday on weekdays butttttt what I LOVE the most is weekends.
Boleh masak2, boleh bwk kanda jalan2, the feelings now is 360 degree changed!
one word for that changed is BEST!

So that's it for now!


Monday, June 10, 2013

20032013 - Super Belated Birthday Post

Them : My Other Family diff mother dif father


Now baru rajin nak berblogging so yeah i just put few pictures okay to keep as my memory.
Alhamdulillah, Allah kurniakan anak yang sihat pada umur saya 26 tahun.
Looking forward for more years to come.
Amin Ya Rabb!

I Love my Imam, Son, Family and Friends!

Syukur, Syukur, Syukur!

The Girls

Dia, Organizer events hari hari penting saya, Dia, Sahabat saya, Dia, Suami saya, Dia, Imam saya.


Rezeki Kanda Qalish
Like I mention in my previous entry regarding my pregnancy journey,
my pregnancy journey wasn't as fun as i expected.
At that particular moment, I felt like quiting everything including JOB!
Trust me, I was that weak, which is so not me.

But Alhamdulillah, my family and husband always be my backbone.
Support and trust in me, they said they know I can get through these phase.
And what they said is totally CORRECT!
Just after I deliver my baby Kanda, I can feel like a power came into my body.
teng teng teng Power Rangersssss!!
Hahahaha... Ok ok trust me macam ada power masuk dalam badan when the moment I saw my son.
The moment you rasa ish mesti kena kerja kuat sebab nak bagi dia education yang terbaik,
pakaian yang cantik cantik, everything in this world for him.
So yeah I am back like me before the workaholic me :)

But takkan nak tipu after confinement 3 months memang malasssss sangat nak jejakkan kaki kat office.
Gagahkan diri je demi baju baju comel Kanda Qalish. Ngeeeee.
So yeah after 2 months I masuk kerja balik I was transfered to other department and alhamdulillah semua benda naikkkkkk! Rezeki anak orang kata.

Pasal tu bila kita pregnant, kena all the time sickness kita kena bertahan,
sebab masa tu Allah nak uji kita,
bila kita dapat bertahan Inshaa Allah, Allah akan bagi ganjarannya selain anak yang kacak!

Ok then, to all mommies to be, keep strong! You can do it!

Till then!

Heyho Its US not WE anymore!

Hello Everyone! My name is Kanda Qalish. Im now 7m++ weight 9kgs, and 70cm tall :)

My Happy Little Family :)

This is US now not WE anymore!

Kanda Qalish is a big boy who loves playing with the ball just like his ayah but dont become a footballer please!

Time flies. He grew too fast! ;( I miss him inside me, I miss the baby him.
But....I will always loves him until my last breath, itu pasti!
At his 7 month ++ age now he 9kgs and 70cm tall.
That's quite tall for a 7m old baby ya know, Alhamdulillah he grow up handsomely.
Only Allah knows how I felt inside and out. Rezeki bertambah after I got him.
Alhamdulillah tidak lekang dari mulut dah hati.
Now at age of 27 I got a lovely husband, handsome son, a house, cars and stable job.
I couldnt asked for more. Moga Allah terus memberi rezeki kepada family kami.
Dan memberi hidayah kepada saya dan suami untuk anak kesayangan kami Kanda Qalish.

Assalamualaikum :)