Thursday, June 30, 2011


I LOVEEEEE HOLIDAY like very really indeed!
Well, everybody loves it!
Me & Luth are beach person, like we are crazy over beach.
For your info, its not easy for Luth to take a leave for this kind of vacay.
His work need him like everyday for one season, from Dec - End of Oct (I guess).
But tiba tiba ada cuti 3 / 4 hari tu then its a bonus lah.
Thats why we both susah sangat nak pergi mana mana sebab his schedule amatlah padat.
Ok back to the holiday mode, since he now in his recovery treatment a.k.a cuti lah jugakkan cuma every morning n evening kene pergi MSN for treatment except for Saturday & Sunday.
We took this opportunities to HOLIDAY SAKAN!
HAHAHA! Over kan? Even my leave dah habis, yes dah habis yer kawan kawan,
pasal wedding preparation & bla bla bla but I still can take unpaid leave.
HEHEHE :D I know membazir but this is only the opportunities untuk memuaskan nafsu ber-holiday.
So yesterday during dinner tiba tiba Luth pop up a suggestion, "sayang lets go Phuket!"
I was like serious ke? He was like YESSS! Sabtu pergi Ahad baliklah.
WAH! I memanglah berminat last minute plan ni, serious lagi best & syioookkk wooo.
So we went home, and I start browse & check flight rate.
Yelar, last minute kan so flight mcm lagi mahal dari accommodation :)
So I macam maybe next week? HAHAHA!
But our friends memang dah plan nak buat yearly trip pergi Redang or Perhentian.
Yup we do it yearly, dah 2 years in a row we went to Redang and it was oh-semm!
So this year they suggest to Perhentian even ada yang dah berpuluh kali pergi sana.
But everything we will plan last minute lah, sebab time tu la baru semua nak join kannnnn.
Maybe next weekend or another weekend, but surely before puasa.

Since this weekend we dont have any plan yet besides katrina's pool barbeque on saturday,
Now im asking mr google to help me to find a place where me and Luth can just chillex.
And oh there's one more trip, but this one with my family.
Just before puasa, my family will go to Cameron Highlands for 3D2N :)
Aww can wait to chillex with friends, family & especially HUBBY!

P/s : I can smell Sony NEX 3, like very closeeee to me! *prayhard*

Beach"lady", Seyna.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is so my top wish list.
Im in love with this camera, SONY NEX C3.
I know I have Nikon DSLR but I need slightly small & easy to bring camera.
I have few digital camera but I dont like the quality.
I went to Pyramid with Luth yesterday after work, and this camera caught my eyes.
Its love at the first sight okay! ;)

Start from today, SAVING is a MUST to achieve this target :D

Sony NEX C3

Love, Seyna.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BulanMadu di Bali - Day Finale

Its the finale day :)
So lazy to get up, so lazy to pack back our staff.
But yeah, responsibilities are waiting for us.
Takkan nak setahun hornymoon kan. Ngee :D
We took 925pm flight, so we had plenty hours to spend in Bali for the last time. Sigh.
Sad huh? Na'ah! We will surely come again soon! ;))

Get up, swim for the last time, had our last breakfast in the villa, watch movies and 1pm sharp we check out.
But we left our luggage in the villa for awhile cause we want to jalan jalan 1st at Kuta.
Supir pick us up, and bring us to theeeee Kuta Town. Ngegegege :D

Jalan jalan & beli few stuff & snap-ing piccas!
Nothing interesting to cerita pun, cause pergi Bali everyday pun best!
HAHAHA! So again enjoy the photos!

Moi Love, Luth & Me

That's all folks!

Next is, RAHSIA! but only in Malaysia, "Cuti Cuti Malaysia"

Love, Seyna.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

BulanMadu di Bali - Day 3, Part 3


HAHAHA :D I dengan supir asyik kenakan Luth jer sepanjang perjalanan nak pergi Tanah Lot.
Otw ke Tanah Lot akan lalu sawah sawah yang terbentang luas and cantik sangat.
Sawah kat sana tak macam kat Malaysia, kat sana punya macam ala ala cameron highland.
Terpegun we'ols! :)))))

Andddd yeahhh! sempat sampai before 630pm,
And good timing, sebab time tu is sunset timeeee!
Its awesome & awwww soooo romantic.
Apa lagi yang boleh we all buat selain bergambarkannnn, yeah thats what im good at!
Siapa yang pergi Bali and tak pergi Tanah Mohd Lot memang rugi, sebab its unique & cantik.
We stay there until almost 8pm, then we off to alamak!! I lupa apa nama tempat tu but tempat makan seafood tepi pantai lah, and candle light dinner. Kira sweet gaklah kannnn even the food not moi taste.
Malaysian food is wayyyyyy better than there, like millionnnnn wayyyy betterrr!

After dinner, jalan jalan pergi beli DVD and stuff dekat Kuta and balik Villa for zzzZZzzzz...
Againnn, enjoy the pictures :)))))

XOXO, Seyna

BulanMadu di Bali - Day 3, Part 2

Just after "GWK", we went to "Dreamland".
Dekat jer, dalam 10 minutes.
As you all know I memang pencinta beach yang tegar kan, and this place memang make me wanna 

I was like, can I build a house and stay here with Luth forever?
HAHAHA :D ok serious cantik okay, the water is crystal clearrrrrr 
and the wave is besar berbanding di Malaysia :D
Kalau you all pergi Bali please lah pergi Dreamland. 
I & Luth siap terus beli baju I LOVE BALI and tukar masa tu jugak.
Over kan? I know :)) what to do, i am such a drama queen most of the time.
So yeah, we took like 1 hour there, tak mandi pun sebab im sure kalau mandi Luth nye kaki akannnnn double triple injured, kena smash dengan wave je kalau terkoyaklah segala tissue dekat lutut dia tu.
Masa dekat Dreamland tu dah around 2pm, so of course la hungryyyhhh.
Nak balik Villa memang taklah kannnnn, so we asked our supir to bring us to 
the halal restaurant which is nasi padang. Luckily our supir is a muslim, so senanglah sama sama makan halal food. Hehehe :D dekat Bali memang susah sikit nak cari halal food cause babi guling is everwhere y'all!

Before we went to Tanah Lot, we make a quick stop at "Krisna".
Tempat yang boleh beli oleh oleh for family & friends :)
And ingatkan kejap je la kan, sekali terlamaaaa la pulak.
Nasib sempat pergi Tanah Lot sebelum 630pm.
But before Tanah Mohd Lot :) enjoy the pictures dulu yaaaaa!