Monday, September 27, 2010

Road in Kuala Lumpur

Only one word I can described for road in Kuala Lumpur "DISASTER"
I leave the office everyday at 530pm, and i reach home around 7pm / 730pm.
It was really stressful, tgh stress and stuck in the jammed like few hours mmg darah tinggi lah.
Kenderaan yg paling selalu buat I tension is = BUS, TAXI, MOTOR and LORRY!
I have no idea how they get their driver license.Pfft.
Sometimes it was their fault but kita yg kena marah, they're such a road bully!
Motorcyclist lagi satu, u should be at the left of the road bukan tengah tengah doinkkk!
Lalu tgh and tak perasan kereta nak tukar lane kena langgar or tergesel kereta.
End up kita yg kena marah. STUPID! and sometimes they blocked the car and cari gaduh.
Sayanglah nyawa sikit, or think about your loves one. Drive/tunggang motor hati hati lah.
Menyusahkan orang betul. Kalau dah accident susahkan orang lain, cause JAMMED!



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Learning Process

Today was my very first day as a HR Exec - do all work by myself.
Ini mungkin satu ujian and process of learning for me, I got a call from "Dato A" which he is one of my client.
He asked me about big mess that previous staff did. The mess that hard for me to explain.
And I came out with a solution and hope that the problem wont happen ever again.
And thank god that he understand the situation and gave us a RED WARNING for us to remember.
I might do a few changes to make the process simple and clear, so that if there's anything happen I can easily explain.
Luckily I have a very supportive office buddy, Aizat who always help me and correct every mistakes I did.
Will belanja u once the ka-ching already in my account ya! ;)
Anyways, my previous company still owe me something and i have to get it during office hour.
Mana ada masa, office hour I pun kerja laaaa. Time i free tak nak siapkan pulak. Pfft.
So maybe i will ask a few hours leave so that i can go there and get what's mine from them.

Owh, I had a very fun weekend. While teman-ing Lot to his dental appointment,
He asked whats our plan for today (Saturday), and i just said ZERO plan.
He came out with a crazy idea, trip to anywhere that we can have some fun.
So there's a few places we plan to go. Penang, Cameron or Genting.
Lot called his brother, Hisham who live in Penang and tell him our idea.
He is too excited and asked us to stay at his house. So sweet :D
But that day was heavy raining all day long. So we decided not to drive long distance.
Genting is the best place to go, plus everything is there - Theme Park Indoor/Outdoor, Shopping Mall, Food etc.
We plan to go around 2pm, but end up we leave house around 430pm - overslept! huhu :D
Its ok, since we plan to sleep there for a night. We reach Genting around 7pm and check in at First World Hotel. It would be my last time to stay at First World, the room is freaking small and too expensive.
Rather stay at Theme Park Hotel than First World, the price same as First World but the room HELL HUGE! First night/day was great, had dinner at the mall and enter the Snow World just to take a few pictures :)
UT called said that he wants to join us, more fun! the more the merrier.
While waiting for UT and Nad, me and Lot decided to wait them at Safari Club, the only club in Genting.
We had so much fun. woot woot *dancing*
The next day we go for the outdoor theme park. only 2 of us.
Whats so special about yesterday 26th of September is our 1 Year Anniversary. *happy*
I played all game at the park. I repeat ALL as in EVERY & EACH game at the park.
Around 630pm we heading back to KL. aishh, malas betul fikir nak kena kerja.
So yeah, basically my weekend was great, I had a wonderful weekend/Anniversary date with him.


Thank you for being such a great, nicest, handsome, cool boyfriend ive ever met. I had a wonderful time with you. Forgive me for my wrong doings. I love you till end.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Senyum :)

Currently addicted to this song, Senyum by Malique feat Najwa.
Agree with the lyrics.
Here is the part that I like the most personally :)

Kacak luar, kacak dalam
Kacak dengar sini
Kalau saya senyum
Awak mesti senyum sekali

Kalau kita senyum
Semua orang berjangkit
Bila semua orang senyum
Dunia tiada penyakit

So true kan? Should start our day with a smile, less penyakit.
Penyakit dengki, penyakit sombong, penyakit menyampah, etc.
Anyways, today I go lunch-ing with my sis (Mirzana) since her work place near mine.
Sebelah je kot our building, Sime Darby & Maju Holdings :) suka please!
Since now she is a preggy lady, I have to fetch her with my car even nak makan kt maju junction.
Cant wait for December - New baby in the house. Woot woot! Me likey :D

This week i learned many things include road in KL.
I'm so bad in road at Kuala Lumpur, much prefer Damansara-PJ-Bangsar-Subang.
And now i know which road should i use to reach office early - just 1 hour. gagagaga ;)
Today is the last day of working day, weekend is coming y'all!
So tonight me and boyfie plan to get little exercise - futsal! with him and his friends.
But before that maybe dinner at Bangsar. Favorite place kinda kinda. Hehe :)



Thursday, September 23, 2010


Its been awhile i didnt update this blog.
I've been busy for everything new around me.
Before i start to write anything crap, I would love to wish all,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Ampun dipinta :)
Its a month of wonderful food. yummy!

This month is a memorable month for me.
Instead of celebrating Hari Raya, on the 6th of Syawal Luth's family came met my parents.
The day that he proved to everyone that he actually serious to grow old with me :)
The day saya dirisik - 6 Syawal 2010. I AM TOTALLY HAPPY!
So now i have one beautiful ring *dijari manisku*
And the BIG DATE will update once I confirm the date.

New thing happen around me no. 2 - NEW JOB!
HAHA :D i know this is 3rd job for this year after ASTRO & Vision Four.
But this time is so different than what i did before.
FROM broadcasting & events TO Human Resource - BIG different huh!
Pheww. Lots of thing need to learn so i have to squeezed some space in my head to fit in.
I hope im gonna love this job like i love my job while im in astro.
Anyways, Thank you MAJU HOLDINGS for welcoming me as one of your asset.


Thursday, September 16, 2010