Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Little SuperKanda


Weekends is the days that I wait everyweek.
Or apa apa cuti, memang itulah hari yang dinanti nantikan.
I can spend all days with my baby Kanda.
Lagi best dari shopping, lagi best dari vacation, lagi best dari duduk kedai kopi bergossip.
Now I understand why mothers love to stay at home or find activities with their kids.
Like trust me, Im addicted to my son.

My son is 6M old this 25th April, he growing up too fast.
I still remember the day I greeted him to the world.
The day two become three.
The day just you and me become little family :)
The day I got a tittle "Ibu"
The day my suami got new responsibility as a "Ayah"
A miracle day when a baby come out from me.
Ya Allah, thank you for this journey, thank you for let me feel how my mother been through all these years.
Please please please darlings out there, appreciate your mother.
Being a mother its not as easy as you thought but trust me its FUN and it makes you a better muslim.

So apa yang baby Kanda dah pandai sekarang?
Dia dah pandai meniarap pusing pusing,
Dah pandai emosi bila kena marah,
Dah pandai tak nak minum susu,
Dah pandai nak berborak,
Dah almost boleh duduk,
And he is such a cheeky baby, seriously baby Kanda sgt suka ketawa and senyum.
Memang pengubat segala penyakit and kepenatan me and my suami :)

Since dah jadi Ibu ni semua cerita nak pasal anak jeeeeee. Ngee :D
If you ask me how was my pregnancy journey I would answer,
Hurm, semua perisa ada, masam + masin + pahit and paling banyak MANIS!
And now I miss being pregnant and baby bump. Lol!
Inshaa Allah kalau diizinkan-Nya ada rezeki lagi :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

me and my son 

I'm so HAPPY!
Do you know WHY?
Because i'm LUCKY!
Do you know HOW?
Because ALLAH loves me!
Do you know HOW?
Because He give me GIFT!
Do you know WHAT?

First Post for 2013 :)

Picture 022

Can you see a little man in the picture?
Yup, he is the main reason why i've been hiatus for months.
He's my son, Kanda Qalish bin Mohd Lot.
He was born a day before Raya Haji last year, 25th Oct 2012, 110pm at Columbia Asia Puchong.
I have to go through C-sect due to I might say complicated complication.
But Alhamdulillah, the procedure went well and both me and my son are fine.
It just there's something wrong with his tummy after 2 weeks of life.
He need to stay in the NICU for 8 days to get antibiotics to kills the bacteria inside his tummy.
Yup, now I'm a paranoid mommy!
Yet, I am a proud mommy! hehe saya sangat excited and happy being a mother to baby Kanda.

So yeah, I am sooo grateful being a wife to Mohd Lot and also a mother to Kanda Qalish.

Nanti bila ada masa lagi kita update blog ni lagi okay darla :)

Picture 014