Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Play School - Sick - Paranoid Mother

Kanda turn 2 this coming 25th Oct.
I still have no idea should I or shouldn’t I throw a birthday party for him.
His 1 year old birthday bash was oh-sem! Football theme fosho. LOL!
He’s like his ayah, ball ball ball. Boring? Yes please.
I think I should do his birthday celebration at any Tahfiz school so that instead he gets more toys he will received “doa” from the students. Yup good idea huh! Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, amin!
I plan to register him to tahfiz as well anyway.

Talking about register him to any tahfiz, actually at his age 1 year 6 months I already put him in a play-school but I was very unhappy with that school. My son always fall sick, erh almost every month.
Last month was the worst, he woke up at 230am – 3am and keep on puked and his body temperature will reach until 39.8c.
As a “tinggal mother”, without husband around I have to bring my son at that hour to the hospital by myself and an antibiotic doesn’t work at all. I visit different hospital almost 3 times for the past 3 weeks.
Bangi kids specialist is not recommended at all, An Nur ke Az Zaharah ke, big NO NO now.
Then end up I bring him to Gleneagles Hospital and guess, for the past few weeks he actually diagnose with bronchitis and also RSV Group A. I was beyond shock!

Then this FBI mother trying to investigate where he got this virus, been asking his school whether they accept sick kids come to school and they dengan selamber says “Yes Puan, because their parents kena pergi kerja.” I feel like scream yet I said ok, that’s it, Kanda will just stay at home after this and we will look for other school, better school for sure. International Islamic school semua dah fully booked for 2015. SAD! Mesti ada, mesti ada, be positive seena.

To all future parents, it’s not easy being parents, you want beyond the best for your kids.
And you’re not simply got what you want and what you need.  
Whatever it is, son, your supermother will always there to protect you until you find a protective crazy girlfriend who can take over my job, hurm but.. Please let me be your no 1 still ya!


Everlasting Love

Monday, October 6, 2014


Siapa yang tak pernah lalui situasi yang kita sendiri tak duga.
Dunia ni mana ada perfect. Semua orang ada perasaan.
Yang baik pun kadang kadang dengki jugak. Jangan tipu please!
I’m not perfect. I admit, because I want more than what I needs.
Tapi ye la, life masing masing kan, lain la ceriteranya.

Last week I received threats email from unknown.
He wants my friend’s hp number.
Hurm, hello I’m not mak ayam yang easily can give my friend’s number to strangers.
So since I totally ignored his email, he sends me threats email (I think he’s my fake followers on IG)
Okay scary, since that my IG is private. Gilalah manusia macam ni pun wujud?
His email threats sound like this “Kedekutt!! Okey fine xnk bg kan?? Well kite tgk pe jadi dgn anak kamu. Bye2.”
And I straight took half day leave and lodge a police report.

What can I say here, whenever we go, whatever we do, ada je yang memerhati.
Tak kisah kawan ke, strangers ke, kita kena berhati hati.
Dunia dah tak aman, and obviously Malaysia dah tak aman. SAD!

I try to shop undercover.