Monday, April 30, 2012

Im blessed, Alhamdulillah

Its been months i've been silent from blog-ing world and now InsyaAllah im back again. 
Like i said in previous entry there's something I wanna share with you guys huh.
Jeng..jeng..jeng.. Ngee :') 
Well, its a news that every marriage couple waiting for. 
Its a gift from yang ESA, yang kita tak tau bila rezeki itu akan tiba. 
Alhamdulillah its our time darling. 

Few months back, early this year to be exact, I always had fever and kurang selera makan. 
And suddenly I craving for Twisties, which very very weird for me. 
And I start sleepy all the time, and rasa macam malassssss teramat sangat. 
So everyday when I drive to the office I akan rasa sleeeeepyyy yang takleh dibendung until one day I kena berhenti tepi and take a nap for few minutes and patah balik rumah after that. 
After I rasa pelik about my body, myself, I go check up but doctor still takleh bagi result coz tak nak bagi harapan. 
So yeah I need to wait for couple of weeks, and do the pregnancy test, the result is "double line" but the other line is kabur. 
Before that I just went for Klinik biasa, so after discuss with the doctor she suggest me to go to specialist. 

I decided to go Columbia Asia Puchong, and Alhamdulillah I confirmed 6 weeks pregnant that time. 
Today 30th May 2012 is my 3rd check up, again Alhamdulillah I can see the baby already, and boleh tengok dia pusing pusing. 
Allah maha besar, I feel really blessed! 14 wonderful weeks the baby in mummy tummy. Rezeki yang diberi tidak akan disiakan dan akan sihat sempurna, InsyaAllah. 

So darlings, I will keep on update on my mommy-to-be journey. 
(Face really bad nausea now, but I must stay strong for the baby)

6 weeks
14 weeks
14 weeks in 3D

Till then, ta-da!